4 Myths that Surround Your Anal Itch

Your anal itch may come and go or it might be a persistent problem that needs some immediate medical attention. Because the condition is an embarrassing one, many people assume that it is one thing or another, content to often delude themselves in the hope that the problem will go away or can easily be solved.

Here are our top 4 myths that people think are true when they get that dreaded itching anus.

It’s Haemorrhoids!

Ask many people who are suffering from a little embarrassing itching down there and they’ll tell you they have a case of the piles. It seems to be the default explanation we go to when the need to scratch over takes us. It’s caused by sitting on damp ground or straining too much on the toilet, too.

The truth is:

  • Yes, haemorrhoids does make your anus itch.
  • No, it’s not the only reason for anal irritation.

It can be any number of things from a threadworm problem to a simple case of pruritas ani, a bacteriological infection or something to do with your eating habits. It could be due to dermatitis or an allergy. It might even be the case that you cleaned yourself too vigorously.

Unclean! Unclean!

Anal itching is due to bad hygiene habits. Yes it can be if you have really don’t keep yourself clean down there. If that’s the case then change your habit. But it’s more likely to be something else. As we keep saying, there are numerous reasons why your bottom could be itching.

On the other side of the coin, too much cleaning and scrubbing can also lead to that embarrassing anal itch, particularly if you are using heavily scented shower gels or soaps. Excessive cleaning habits can cause the skin to dry out and encourage conditions such as dermatitis.

Scratching Soothes the Savage Itch

The best thing you can do with a touch of anal itching is to find somewhere quiet and give it a good old fashioned scratch. This provides a huge level of short term pleasure and gets rid of that pesky irritation.

The truth is that persistent scratching of an itch can cause the problem to get worse, lead to things like bleeding and send you into a painful state of permanent distraction. It’s much better to use a soothing anal cream that can take the edge off the need to scratch, protect the area of concern and aid better healing.

Anal Itching is Nothing to Worry About

In most cases it is nothing to worry about. Around 5% of us suffer from some form of anal itching at one point or another, and it is statistically more prevalent in men than women. It’s something that can often be soothed using a suitable cream and doesn’t recur once the area has been treated. If you have a persistent itch, however, then, you should seek medical advice from your GP.

It may be nothing, but it’s a good idea to make sure.

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