6 Embarrassing Ailments we Don’t Want to Tell the Doctor About

An itching anus is probably high up on most lists of embarrassing problems that we don’t want to discuss with our friends and family, let alone our doctor. The truth is that embarrassing medical problems come in a variety of forms and we are often so reticent about going to see the doctor that it can make matters worse.

  • Embarrassing itches can be caused by a number of things. If your genitalia are giving you cause for concern it could be a fungal infection that when left untreated can spread to your legs and buttocks. It happens when your lower regions get too moist and warm, an ideal environment for the fungi to prosper. The problem is that it can be spread from person to person, so if you’re reticent about visiting the doctor then think again.
  • Libido problems are the big concern from many men and can be caused by a number of things such as too much alcohol, obesity and even sleep apnoea. A lot of guys would rather die than tell someone that their little friend isn’t quite working as it should. The problem is that this sense of denial can often cause other issues such as depression and anxiety that ead to other health problems.
  • Bad breath isn’t always about what you ate or poor dental hygiene. It can often be a sign of a cavity getting worse or the onset of gum disease. Cleaning your teeth might provide a temporary respite but it’s not getting to the main problem. Bad breath can also be a sign of something more serious such as diabetes or liver damage. A visit to your dentist or doctor is definitely on the cards if you think you have a problem.
  • Blood in your waste products can be worrying but it’s surprising the number of people who will try to ignore it. Yes, blood in your faecal matter may be because of a bad case of haemorrhoids but it could also be something else. Whilst it may be embarrassing to discuss with your doctor, take a deep breath and make that appointment.
  • Anyone who is sexually active can catch an STD and it is vital that you contact your doctor straight away if you think you have one. A number of conditions such as syphilis can become more painful over time and cause great damage to your body if left untreated.
  • Haemorrhoids and anal itching seems to be up there at the top of people’s list for embarrassing problems and the big one you don’t want to share with your GP. An anal itch can be caused by a number of things and often a soothing cream can solve the problem. But if symptoms persist and it becomes a chronic situation then you really need to visit your doctor and have that conversation.

First of all, remember that your doctor is not going to laugh at you, however embarrassing your problem is. The second is that they are not going to rush out and tell all your friends and family. If you measure the amount of time and damage that is done by living with an embarrassing issue like an itchy bum, then it’s far better to visit your GP and have that ‘difficult’ conversation.

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