Anacare Cream - Relieve An Itchy Anus And HemorrhoidsAnacare Anacare Cream - Relieve An Itchy Anus And Hemorrhoids

Anacare – Effective All Day Relief

 Effective long lasting relief from itchy anus and hemorrhoids

A natural cream to calm irritations associated with hemorrhoids, sore itchy anus or dry and cracked skin around the anal area.

Here’s why it’s the right cream to soothe an itchy anus and hemorrhoids...

  • Anacare cream is excellent at soothing a night time itchy anus. Many users report the cream has allowed them their first proper sleep in months.
  • It is discrete and has a pleasant natural fragrance.
  • Since it is natural, it avoids all petroleum based ingredients, lidocaine anaesthetics, steroids, drugs etc. that are to be found in other hemorrhoid creams.
  • The natural ingredients make for a gentle but effective cream – perfect for the more sensitive areas of the body.
  • Anacare is highly effective at calming an itchy anus or Pruritus Ani as it is called by doctors. This condition is often associated with hemorrhoids, which are swollen veins in the anus. However, Pruritus Ani can occur without any hemorrhoids being present. Either way Anacare rapidly cleanses and soothes the area, leaving an antibacterial, protective barrier. This barrier helps prevent bacteria and sweat getting absorbed into the skin’s epidermis and helps give long lasting relief.
  • After just one application you should feel long lasting comfort and relief so you can get on with your day, without the embarrassing itching and irritation often associated with hemorrhoids.
  • Anacare contains tea tree oil, one of nature’s finest antiseptics. To help relieve an itchy anus and cleanse and repair anal fissures and cracked anal skin.
  • No quibble money back guarantee. If it is not for you, just return the tube at least half full for a full purchase price refund.
  • The natural, gentle formula makes Anacare good for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. If you are pregnant, think you may be or are breast feeding, best discuss with your doctor or midwife first.
  • Thousands of happy customers rely on the Anacare everyday. Take a look at their testimonials here.
  • Anacare is not available for sale in any shops and only available direct from us Unique Natural Products Ltd. To place an order click here or call 0191 4209276 where we will be happy to take your order.