Anal Irritation: 10 Uncommon Causes You May Not Have Considered

If you haven’t read up on your facts, then you won’t know that the causes of anal irritation are many and varied. It’s a problem that affects all of us at some point in our lives and it may well be soothed with a dab of cream, but anal itching is a symptom of quite a few common and uncommon ailments.
Here’s a few that you may not have thought of.
About 2% of people suffer from a skin inflammation problem called psoriasis. It flares up every so often and can get better or worse for no apparent reason. As of yet, there is no medical cure. People who are overweight, have diabetes or a heart condition are particularly prone to psoriasis and may suffer anal itching during an episode.
Threadworm and Pinworm
Worm infections are actually very common, especially amongst children who will often pick things up without thinking. These kinds of infections can be passed on to family members very quickly and the main symptoms are itching in the anal area and a general discomfort. You will need to get prescribed medication from your doctor or pharmacist to treat the underlying cause and get rid of the worms.
Diabetes and Anal Irritation
Diabetes is one of the biggest health threats we face today and affects a person’s ability to produce insulin. Anal irritation can be a symptom of this, as well as rapid weight loss, needing to go the toilet more often and extreme tiredness. If you are suffering from a combination of these symptoms you should pay a visit to your doctor to get checked out.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
No one likes to admit to having a STD but it can happen to any of us. Genital herpes and thrush can also cause anal itching, as can syphilis. The viruses can easily be transferred to the anus by the fingers and cause additional irritation.
Tight Clothing
If your pants or outwear are too tight then it may cause your rear end to heat up and thus produce more sweat. Wearing tight garments for a long period can cause irritation and you could then develop anal itching.
Fungal Infections
Many of us will have suffered from something irritating like Athlete’s Foot in the past but you may not be aware that this can happen on any part of the body. Fungi like warm and damp skin and there’s often no better place than between your buttocks.
Wet Wipes and Chemicals
While they might seem like a good idea, wet wipes can cause anal irritation because of the chemicals soaked into them. Many so called medicinal creams can also cause irritation, as can shampoos and body washes. If your skin doesn’t like a particular product then the only solution is stop using it.
Tip of the Day: Don’t Scratch That Itch
Most people dismiss anal irritation as something that will come and go and often ‘a quick scratch’ in private can do the job. But scratching that itch can also make the problem worse and it may be better to apply a soothing cream that will take the edge off the irritation.
And finally, if you think your anal irritation might be part of some other problem, please make an appointment with your doctor.

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