Analcare Hits Social Media

We reported recently how we were running an ad campaign in motorway service station washrooms for that problem itch in an embarrassing place. It seems that not only has our soothing, naturally sourced Analcare cream been seen by thousands of people spending a penny at Cambridge and Cobham, but you’ve been sending out messages on social media about it too.

The initial advertising campaign seems to have had an unintended side effect that has seen people with their mobile phones visiting the services and sending messages to their friends and family.

Imagine our surprise when cricket legend Freddie Flintoff actually tweeted about our product and took a picture to show his many fans. Flintoff, recently seen wielding the willow again on Twenty20 finals day, where he nearly won the match, obviously saw the funny side of things when he visited Cambridge services. Not only that, his single tweet got 45 retweets, sending our itchy bottom solution far and wide.

We have to confess, it’s not easy trying to advertise for a cream designed to soothe the savage discomfort of an itchy anus. It’s just not something we like to talk about unless we attach a joke or a silly comment to it. So we’re happy for any help we can get, especially from a superstar like Freddie.

Here’s the picture the big man posted on his Twitter timeline:

Quite a few different people have tweeted a picture of our ad to their friends and followers on Twitter, one jokingly commenting that it was “motorway advertising at its best”. Well, at Analcare, we’re glad to have been of some assistance!

Someone else commented: “This was in the toilets at Cambridge service station. Surely it can’t be real.” Which got us worrying why a product to help with that embarrassing anal itch should be considered so exotic that it couldn’t be real! Our favourite, though, was the gentleman who decided to incorporate it into a quick selfie.

In fact, we’re beginning to loose count of the number of people who have decided to take a photo in the toilets (and surely that has to draw some attention from people standing by). It seems the folk visiting Cambridge and Cobham services can’t wait to share something humorous with their friends and family.

It’s a perennial problem when you are dealing with a condition that many people find embarrassing. The old anal itch isn’t something we like to mention in polite company, let alone social media, without adding a good slap of earthy humour. So we’re grateful when anyone with a hint of celebrity takes the time to mention us to their following.

Having an itchy bottom is often seen as being something dirty, generally self-inflicted, and the product of a poor hygiene regime – which is about as far from the truth as you can get. That embarrassing itch can be caused by a number of things, from the humble haemorrhoid to skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. It can also be the result of pinworms, bacterial infections, and an allergic reaction to soap products.

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