Can Your Underwear Cause Anal Irritation?

There are a fair few causes of that embarrassing anal itch that only a soothing cream can cure. From worms and anal fissures to eczema and allergic reactions, pinning down the real cause of your problem can mean a fair amount of detective work. If you are really concerned then you should pay a visit to your doctor, especially if your symptoms persist.

It may be that your underwear is the source of this embarrassing itch and a simple change, in more ways than one, can provide immediate relief.

Not Wearing Any Underwear

Yes, it’s true. There are some people who don’t actually wear pants. Women might do it because they don’t want a visible panty line when they go out in their brand new jeans, or guys may well do it because they can’t find their underwear on their cluttered bedroom floors. Okay, so that’s a little gratuitous stereotyping but the truth is there’s no law that says you have to wear pants under your trousers.

The problem is that trousers and jeans are made of rougher material than normal underwear which means they can be more abrasive on your sensitive bottom. So, if you don’t wear pants and you start getting an itchy anus then perhaps the best place to start is buying some new underwear.

Wearing the Wrong Underwear

Our skin can be sensitive to a whole range of things. Some people get a rash when they wear the wrong kind of jewellery, others get it from synthetic fabrics such as nylon or even natural ones such as silk. Tight underwear can also cause your nether regions to heat up, promoting moisture and other conditions that are ideal for bacteria to blossom. It can also exacerbate an existing condition, so if you have a problem itch then perhaps changing the type of underwear you put on in the morning can make all the difference.

Wearing Old Underwear

And by old we don’t mean you’ve had a pair of pants for a long time, we mean if you are wearing the same pants day in and day out. All sorts of bacteria and fungi can grow on unwashed underwear, so make sure you put them in the wash regularly.

If you start getting an uncomfortable itch down there then it may be due to a parasite such as the pinworm so it makes sense to give all your underwear a good wash to ensure that you get rid of any eggs that may cause a reoccurrence.

Are You Allergic to Washing Powder?

It might be that your anal itch is being caused by something more than the pants themselves. If you are using a new brand of washing powder or detergent, then you may well be allergic to the ingredients. It’s worth changing brand if you think this is the case, especially if you are getting rashes on other parts of your body that clothes come into contact with.

Whilst a soothing anal cream can help to take the edge off your embarrassing problem, it always pays to check out what the root cause is. If you’re not sure what is causing it from the list of possible culprits, then pay a visit to your doctor who will be able to test for things like pinworms or other, more serious, conditions.

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