An expectant father who was waiting anxiously for news on his wife’s condition outside a hospital ward in China was given the surprise of his life when he was invited in by doctors – to get an operation on his hemorrhoids.

The man, who was named as Mr Wang in reports, was mistaken for another patient who had already completed the paperwork for the painful procedure, according to Bandao City News.

When doctors asked him to accompany them as he waited in a corridor at the Shenyang Hunnan Xinqu Hospital, Mr Wang believed he would be asked to assist them with his wife’s delivery.

What he didn’t expect was to be told to drop his trousers and lie on the operating table.

“It felt strange, and I asked why?” he told the newspaper. “They said: ‘Just do what we tell you.’”

The doctors then applied anesthetic before removing the unsuspecting patient’s hemorrhoids.

“I really never knew I had hemorrhoids,” said Mr Wang, who is aged 29.

“When I was on the operating table I heard a baby crying and I was very happy, and I wanted to hold it,” he added, according to another report in the Chinese Business Morning View.

“But I couldn’t move because I started to feel pain.”

Mr Wang was reportedly offered 5,000 yuan (£580) compensation by the hospital because of the mix up, which happened on Monday.

But the mistake “should be shouldered by both parties, since Mr Wang is a grown up man”, said an official from the hospital, which is located in the north-eastern Liaoning province.

“The patient who was supposed to have the operation had completed all the paperwork needed for this surgery,” the official told the Bandao City News.

The media reports – which did not specify whether Mr Wang had general or local anesthetic – also said his wife gave birth to a healthy baby via Caesarian section.

(article taking from the telegraph here)

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