Stop Anal Itching Fast Or We Will Give You Your Money Back


Anacare natural cream is 100% made from natural derived ingredients

Soothing relief using only natural ingredients. This natural cream formulation contains no steroids, lidocaine, parabens, or nasty chemicals.


Anacare natural cream is made almost completely from natural ingredients, with 100% of the ingredients being natural derived. These include soothing and anti-inflammatory calendula, witch hazel to calm itching, sweet clover to help blood flow, and tea tree oil, the world’s most effective natural antiseptic, to combat bacteria around the anal area. And we add emu oil, a special transdermal carrier. This assists in the absorption of the other active ingredients and increases their effectiveness.

For sensitive parts of the body natural is best yet, in our commitment to natural ingredients, there has been no compromise on efficacy.

With many of the natural cream ingredients made from flower extracts, we believe that by largely avoiding chemical ingredients we minimise potential allergies and unexpected side effects that chemical creams may cause. And the advantage of the natural ingredients is that they are just as effective as chemicals at soothing, cleansing, repairing, shrinking, and moisturising the skin. Anacare natural cream also creates a barrier to prevent bacteria from entering the epidermis of the skin. This natural barrier is what makes Anacare last much longer than other products on the market.

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