More About Our Analcare Cream Ingredients

It took us a long time to find all the right ingredients for a cream that soothes anal itching and many of you have been asking for more information about the individual constituents. We wanted to select the appropriate amounts of natural products that would not only calm and sooth but protect that area of irritation, giving it time to heal.

Here is a quick look at why we use sodium bicarbonate, butcher’s broom, and sweet clover in our cream.

Sodium Bicarbonate Helps that Anal Itch

Some people are surprised to find out that one of the ingredients of our soothing Analcare cream is sodium bicarbonate, known to most of us as baking powder. Anal itching can drive you mad if you don’t have something to sooth it and sodium bicarbonate has properties that balance the pH of your skin, reducing the amount of acidity that can contribute to embarrassing itching and also acts as an anti-fungal agent.

The interesting thing about sodium bicarbonate, apart from its soothing effect on that dreaded anal itch, is that it has so many uses. The ancient Egyptians were one of the first to use it as a cleaning agent and it has long been used in things like baking. It was even an important compound in commercial fishing in the 19th century, helping to stop the catch from spoiling.

Medicinally it has been used as an antacid, as an aid in resuscitation from heart attacks, as well as treating allergic reactions to things like poison ivy. Toothpastes contain it and it is found in products for cleaning work surfaces as well as a softener for your weekly wash.

Butcher’s Broom

You may not have heard of it, but butcher’s broom is a great natural product that has been around for centuries and has been used to reduce swelling and bruising. It does this by constricting the blood vessels and this is the main reason it is often found in haemorrhoid creams. The proper, scientific name for it is Ruscus aculeatus, an evergreen shrub that occurs commonly in hedgerows in Europe and Asia.

Apart from helping to soothe anal itching, it is also thought to have a beneficial effect on improving blood flow and conditions such as varicose veins and leg cramps. It has been used throughout the ages and in some cultures it is still eaten in the same way as asparagus. Other beneficial effects can be as a laxative, diuretic, and also to help with the healing of fractures.

Sweet Clover

Also helping to increase blood flow, sweet clover is another one of our natural favourites for use in Analcare cream. Harvested from grassland plants in Europe and Asia, it is also used to treat blood clots and circulation problems. It has long been used in remedies over the centuries, not only for humans but for horses where concoctions containing this valuable grass have been used to take down swellings.

Finding the right combinations of natural products to soothe that anal itch has been a journey in itself, with each ingredient bringing something special to the table.

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