Anacare Two Tubes – 2 x 25ml (Buy One Get One Half Price)

Anacare Two Tubes – 2 x 25ml (Buy One Get One Half Price)

(61 customer reviews)


Anacare natural cream calms and soothes the dry, itchy skin in and around the anal area.

Anacare is a natural cosmetic cream suitable for adults, and children aged 12 and over and is ideal for pregnant and post-natal mums. Finally, a product that really works or your money back.

  • Instant relief for anal itching from the first application.
  • Soothes and calms all symptoms associated with haemorrhoids (piles).
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients. No nasty lidocaine or chemicals to prevent regular use.
  • Chosen by thousands of happy repeat customers.
  • No quibble money-back guarantee if you do not like the results.
  • Free UK delivery is available with DISCREET PACKAGING. No one will know what you have ordered.

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"I’m so pleased to have found this product. I can honestly say that no other product has ever been this effective for me and the fact that it’s natural is a big bonus."

Anacare's key ingredients include:

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(61 customer reviews)

61 reviews for Anacare Two Tubes – 2 x 25ml (Buy One Get One Half Price)

  1. violet sheridan

    after my husband using different prescribed creams
    that did,nt work I suggested he should give
    Analcare a try now he swears by it

  2. Mick

    I have been suffering from piles for a few years now and have regularly used Anusol. I always found it a bit coarse but it did relieve a bit and I accepted this as normal. I decided to try Analcare
    as a change and was happier from the first day. It shrunk the piles within a week and after two weeks I stopped using it and they haven’t come back. I will always have a spare tube of this cream. I contacted Lisa on purchasing and she could not have been more helpful and her husband Mark is very informative . I would recommend Analcare without hesitation.

  3. James

    Cant believe after (on this occasion)6 months of pure hell trying all different potions and lotions that GP prescribed – found this site and ordered a tube. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I thought – tried everything else so what’s the harm. Can honestly say its the best thing I’ve done. Soon as I started using it the symptoms started clearing up. I have now been clear for four weeks (still use the cream however on a daily basis) Why do GPs not recommend this stuff – and all natural – no harm. Give it a go – if you are or have suffered what you got to lose. Thanks Anal care. RELIEF ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

  4. eileen

    Its given me so much relief Im so glad I found this product ….thank you Unique Natural Products

  5. Mike

    Have found Analcare very effective after only a few days.Would highly recommend.

  6. Birdi

    I must admit to being a little skeptical even though I had read the reviews. Well I was wrong it really does work. After only two days of using the cream I feel like a new person. I slept through the night after the very first application. Bliss. Thank you Analcare.

  7. Chris

    I bought two tubes of analcare cream after reading the testimonials. After applying it, I found it soothing and calming and because it is a natural product, it can be applied as often as you like. Highly recommended.

  8. sue

    I just recently got prutitus and I was very very sore, I couldnt even sit down,, I went to the doctor’s who gave me cream which contains steroids but that didnt work, I did some research and came a cross AnalCare I read the testamonials and so I plucked up courage and called Lisa who was very helpful, I ordered it and it arrived the next day , I couldnt waite to try it , and I was amazed how quickly it worked. I use it frequently during the day at work and one more tip do try and either use a bidet or shower and dry the anal with a hairdryer , now a week later I am nearly better abd I ordered another so I dont get caught out again.Thank you ..

  9. J.R.

    bougt this cream after reading reviews.everythig
    that has been said is true.this cream is amazing
    cant reccomend enough

  10. j redfern

    bougt this cream after reading reviews.everythig
    that has been said is true.this cream is amazing
    cant reccomend enough

  11. Bill

    Tried everything nothing has worked like this product. I am so pleased that I took initiative to buy it. Thanks so much

  12. Mrs P

    After pregnancy I have suffered terribly with piles for the past two months. I tried everything but nothing works aswell as Analcare cream as its much better than anything a doctor can recommend and very gentle so no side affects as I got an allergic reaction to even home made remedies but nothing with this cream as im highly sensitive. Highly recommended as the cream is just as fantastic as the founder who was lovely when enquiring about this cream. Im not sure whether time was the greatest healer or this cream but I would not do without it as its the best cream to relieve the dreaded itch. And my piles are nearly gone!! You will not be disappointed!! Along with this cream if you drink 6 glasses of water a day keeps the piles as bay! A very happy customer.

  13. H.S

    Hi just to say i purchased some cream a week ago and it has helped considerably , things are definitely improving , I was previously using germoloids as this was the only product that helped at all , but Analcare , is more soothing , and seems to be helping in the healing process , the problems i have have been continuous for the last 14 years , but things do seem to be i hope it continues Thankyou H.S

  14. Pauline

    Delivered the next day, relief instantly. Can’t say how grateful I am. Certainly won’t be using anything else, and will be recommending it to all my friends.

  15. C.H.

    Great cream, this is the coolest soothing product I’ve used. Fast delivery and resonable priced, to be honest I would have paid more as it works so well. Happy days….

  16. B.W

    after many years of suffering your analcream brought relief I never thought possible.Thank you thank you thank you.

  17. S.K

    Have tried many products, including ones containing hydrocortisone, and this one worked – to my amazement – within days of using. Highly recommended.

  18. J.W

    I can´t believe the difference your cream has made I know I won´t be able to live without this magic cream. Thank you Thank you.

  19. C.D

    I have been using analcare for 5 days. I found it impossible to deliver to the site of my internal piles without an applicator, so used a 1ml syringe, which I filled with 0.5ml of Analcare. Thus worked really well.

    On day two the hemorrhoid burst. It was as if The cream had softened it. This was a great relief! Since then I have been applying 0.5ml cream 3 times a day and everything seems to be healing nicely! Will definitely order again. But an applicator for internal piles is essential to deliver into the passage high enough. Maybe Analcare could be formulated in suppositories which would work much better.

  20. KB

    I felt I just had to send a review of this cream. I have suffered very painful piles for a long time now, using every type of cream I could lay my hands on,both otc and prescribed and nothing has ever really worked. I began using analcare five days ago and feel I have been given a normal life back. I would say to anyone who is hesitating to buy, try this,you will not regret it.

  21. Anom

    I\’am very pleased with this product. At last there is something I can rely on to get rid of a persistent itch and it calms down the whole area as well, including the small piles I had. I like the fact that it is all Natural as well. It works so fast and is easy to apply. Yes thanks I\’m very happy.

  22. Matthew

    Your product has really and truly helped me seemingly cure my utter agony from the pain of external piles.
    It would be perfect if it also came in the form of suppositories.
    You really must get your product sold nationwide as you will outsell all of the other products that do half the job that yours does.
    Many, many thanks

  23. Andy

    I was very pleased with your cream, it gave me fast and long lasting relief like nothing else that I have found. I won’t look anywhere else from now on. Handy tube size and easy to follow instructions.

  24. P.B

    Thank you for our chat last week over the telephone it was very helpful. I have been using the cream for 5 days and can report that it is helping to soothe the itching. I apply the cream in the morning and late at night just before going to bed and can really feel a difference. My piles are yet to shrink and I was hoping that they would have disappeared by now but I guess I am being a bit impatient. I will keep you posted of any further developments. Many thanks P.B

  25. A.H

    Thank you for the relief your product gives me, I wish I knew about it sooner… I would recommend anyone to use it. Superb service with quick delivery….

  26. TS

    I’ve suffered with this problem on and off for 50 years and tried every medical solution available but none provided much relief. I turned to herbal medicine and came across analcare while searching on the internet. I thought I may as well try it, and it genuinely has been the only answer providing genuine relief. I would unreservedly recommend it to anyone. If you are thinking of having the operation, I would recommend trying this first. Thanks to all at Analcare for a great product.

  27. K.S.

    I have suffered with anal itching intermittently for some time now but worse recently. I have tried several creams but Analcare is by far the best. It soothes and even has a soothing fragrance. An absolute life saver – thank you. Very quick delivery too.

  28. B.D.

    Suffering from piles following the birth of my three children then recently following injections at hospital to reduce them I was getting to the end of my tether with the itching I really didn’t know what to do so went on the Internet and found your product. It is amazing, the relief after just a short time was wonderful and now I have to use it only occasionally but would not be without it.

  29. L

    Having got piles in my last few weeks of pregnancy the pain was unreal! After a few trips to see my gp & cream they had given me was not helping I decided to look on line. So I purchased a tube delivery was very quick & after a couple of days this cream did help me ease the pain. I will be buying another tube very soon

  30. M.D.

    After years of suffering my life has changed – after trying different products with minimal success this natural remedy has meant I can enjoy life to the full once again.

  31. J.H

    This is the best I’ve tried in years, It gave me relief as soon as I applied your cream. My friend is about to order some as I have highly recommended it to her. Thanks for your help.

  32. Anonymous

    Item as described. Excellent service. Cream provides soothing action as described. Very pleased.

  33. pj

    I have never written a review before, but felt I really wanted to re this product. You must have put in so much hard work to produce such an effective cream that really has helped my very painful piles. It is the only thing that has helped, so a huge thank you.

  34. S.K

    I had to drop you a little thank-you note to tell you how much Analcare cream helped me. Just a few days ago I had a terrible time with hemorrhoids (brought on by straining to lift furniture (had\’nt been bothered for years with them) Prep H & Anusol did nothing. Then your cream dropped through the letterbox, Wow! First application give me pain relief then as I continue to use it the hemorrhoid has started to shrink back! I will not be without this wonderful product.

    You have made a fabulous natural product that works.

    Thank you

  35. Anonymous

    Delivery very quick,this stuff is very good and you don\’t need lashings of it to work, wish I had found it a long time ago, many thanks. (Review from Amazon UK)

  36. J.H

    My doctor recommened analcare cream after giving a me a free sample to try. I am so pleased she did as it has been a real blessing. I am so impressed with the speed that it works and the cool relief that it brings. I was also very impressed with the speedy delivery as I ordered a tube on the thursday and it arrived on the friday 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    I just had to write and tell you how impressed Iam with your product. I have suffered with piles and a anal fissure for a very long time. Your product not only eased the pain reduced the size of the pile and the fissure appears to be healing aswell. I have just ordered another two tubes and will be telling my friend who also has piles. Thank you for such a great product xx

  38. S.B

    Hi Lisa, Just to let you know it is starting to work. At first I was unsure if it was helping. I dont have itchy but my piles can get sore sometimes. After about two weeks I have started to feel a difference in the size of the piles. They appear to be shrinking and I have had no pain since using the cream. Your advice to massarge the cream well into the anal area seems to work. I was just quickly appying the cream and leaving it on the skin rather than rubbing it into the skin. I will be ordering another tube soon. Thanks S.B

  39. Anon

    I originally bought the cream for anal itch which it cleared in a matter of days. I was very impressed with the relief it gave me. Not just for anal itching that I originally bought it for but for stings and insect bites aswell. After clearing my allotment of a mass of Bind Weed roots, I ended up with acid burns and tiny blisters on my wrists from the sap. I applied some of the cream to the blisters and it immediately soothed them, after a day the blisters and burns had almost disappeared. Also my wife used the cream on a recent holiday to Spain for mosquito bites, again it stopped the itch and reduced the swelling and redness. My wife normally suffers for days when bitten by mosquitos but this time they were gone after just a few hours. So thank you very much for a brilliant product. Many thanks

  40. B.E.

    I received my order a week ago and have to write to say what a marvellous product it is! After a particularly painful flare up of haemorrhoids I was searching the internet for alternatives to the over the counter remedies which can only be used for a limited time and which are not easily available where I live, when I saw your product. I read the testimonials with some scepticism as they seemed to good to be true! However, I am happy to endorse the product too! It really does work, provides almost instant relief and, in my case, after a week of using the cream pretty frequently, the problem has almost disappeared! This is one product which I shall make sure I always have a reserve supply of. Thank you.

  41. Anon

    I have had an itchy anus for about 20 years as a result of irritable bowel, after all the anus is part of it. I got along with Sudocrem for years but eventually it was not good enough. I saw your ad on the internet and I thought \”what the hell, I\’ll try it\”. The effect was almost miraculous. No more itching.

  42. Anon

    I have been using Analcare for 4 days now and, after suffering from anal itch for 11years, I have almost been healed – unbelievable!! Miraculous cream. Itching has almost completely disappeared.

  43. JM

    I would not be without my Analcare! It does everything you say it does Lisa, and is keeping my once very painful hemorrhoids under control. Being able to use it as frequently as I like without any worries is brilliant. I can’t thank you enough for producing a product that provides the relief I was so desperately seeking. Natural really is best.

  44. AS

    I can recommend this product as I think it is the best thing on the market. Its natural ingredients immediately soothe the skin to stop any discomfort and makes the healing process fast. My piles have disappeared since using the cream and so far have yet to return.

  45. BL

    After suffering from haemorrhoids off and on for years and using prescribed and buying over the counter creams, I came across your website last year and purchased the oil which I was well impressed with. The first impression after using the oil was soothing and comforting. I must admit after a while I thought the oil would perhaps be better in an ointment consistency as this would make it better to apply as sometimes you needed to apply the oil a few times before you could cover the area required, so I am really pleased that you have progressed to manufacturing the cream which is easier and better to apply and certainly soothes the affected area plus the minty smell is good. It’s also reassuring to know that the cream is made up of natural ingredients – well done!

  46. HK

    Nature sure is the best way to heal good and heal for long. I am actually so delighted with the Analcare results, it heals itching, dryness, haemorrhoids you name it, it heals it… it takes a little more time compared to other creams but it heals to the root cause of the problem. I wish more and more people knew about this cream. It smells so nice and minty, it reminds me of beautiful spices. It is non greasy and adheres to the skin so well forming a layer. Anyone who reads this website, just go ahead buy one tube and you wont regret. I only wish it came with an applicator. But overall I am satisfied from the smell, the texture, the healing effect, and the plastic tube is easy to squeeze. As for staining, it is no big… a little warm water and Ariel does a one minute job:) Thanks a lot Lisa, I hope you will develop more products with so much nature inside…love you for this magic…THANK YOU!!!!

  47. ZF

    Hi Lisa, it was nice to talk. As mentioned, this has been life changing for me. I’ve had two operations and was preparing for the 3rd when I found your website. Within a week I felt as though I was cured. Once comfortable again, I recommend using once a week to ensure problems never return. Both my parents cannot praise you enough also as they suffer as well.

  48. JO

    Hi Lisa, just had to email you, recently bought some of your analcare cream and wow, what a brilliant product it is. Have suffered for ages now with anal itching and this product really does work. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the cream it’s made a massive difference and I’m so happy I found it, thanks x

  49. SO

    Anal Care Cream? Wrong name, should be Magic Anal Care Cream! I wish I had known about this product before I had my haemorrhoids surgically removed. Although initially the removal proved successful, they have returned. This time, they were thrombosed. I used the cream for about four weeks and really could not believe they had almost disappeared. I cannot recommend this cream enough. It REALLY DOES WORK!!!

  50. AK

    I just wanted to let you know how your wonderful cream has helped me. I have been suffering with very itchy piles and they have been driving me mad, especially at night. I have tried so many creams over the past few months but none of them have helped until I discovered your wonderful miracle cream. I was a bit sceptical at first that it would help but decided to give it a go anyway. I am so pleased that I did as the itching stopped immediately, I had my first full night’s sleep and feel so much better in myself. I have also noticed that the piles have started to shrink, another few days and I think they will disappear altogether. I have purchased another two tubes as I don’t want to be without it as I like to apply a small amount just after I have been to the loo and just before going to bed. Thanks you so much and keep up the good work.

  51. JH

    Hi as discussed in our telephone conversation, I have found the cream alot better than similar products that can be bought in the shops. I am presently and completely free of itching and soreness which was my main problem, but now I am completely comfortable now. All in all an excellent product. I wouldn’t like to be without it. It has made a big improvement to my life, can’t praise it enough. Congratulations you deserve a medal. May I wish you and your product all the very best.

  52. GM

    It is good for when you go to the toilet and takes away the stinging pain, I would recommend it. It has really helped and soothes the itch.

  53. BC

    I cannot believe the relief this cream has given me in such a short space of time. It has a very soothing feeling and pleasant smell. I am very impressed with this cream and hope you keep up the good work. I have spent pounds on over the counter products. I think this product is worth its weight in gold and very reasonably priced.

  54. SB

    Thought your previous product was an amazing product and could not be bettered, I was wrong! Any chance I could swap my spare previous bottle for this amazing new cream.

  55. MI

    Just wanted to say I love the cream, it did stain my underwear but I should of read the instructions first!

  56. MW

    The cream seems to be working quite well after 10 days. I will see how it goes after a longer time period.

  57. JM

    I felt the cream was easy to apply. It definately soothed any itching and had a cooling effect. The piles have shrunk but having used the cream for 3 weeks or so it has not cured them completely but definately made them much more bearable.

  58. DM

    The cream stopped the itching. After using the cream I then noticed a definite difference. The cream has been fantastic, 5 days after using the cream everything has now improved dramatically.

  59. PP

    So glad I have found your products, I have suffered with itching and bleeding for many years. I have used many commercial products which gave very limited help. Since using this product, my problems appear to be a thing of the past. Thanks!

  60. TH

    Tried other creams but they were useless! Only complaint it did mark my underwear but this did come out on a hot wash.

  61. PL

    The cream is much better, with no wastage. I liked the finger cots you supplied which are excellent.

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