*After one year of suffering, finally I got rid of itchy bottom which was so annoying and embarrassing. I went several times in GP but the doctors couldn’t help me out. I was being totally helpless, couldn’t slept all nights. I tried different medications recommended by the doctors but it went even worse. I felt so uncomfortable by going out with  the friends because every  time I had to go to the toilet to give it a quick scratch even in the workplace. I was every time searching in the google for the remedy. So it really became a miracle when I had the dear anacare in my hand. Oh god, I can’t describe how I felt when I applied it for the first time and the night I went to the bed. It seemed like I was having the relaxation night after ages. Then after within a week I went back to the normal. The textures inside the cream was really amazing. I was so so happy that I can’t express here and really really want to say thank you for the wonderful creator of this beautiful product. Even my thank you is not enough here. So that was my poor story. So if you guys are having the similar problems that I was having, I would strongly recommend you to apply this product without any doubts. Thank you anacare once again!


February 11, 2017

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