*I have suffered from a serve pain in my anal area for many years prior to hemeroids operations and after. and having used a major nhs prescription item this did not offer any relief to the pain.

After another operation and investigation the situation remained unresolved and then visited my GP who said try this to relieve the pain after several week the pain was not reduced. I did an internet search and found anal care and was slight concerned that it may not work but having read the reviews and the pain levels were severe I had nothing to lose but to try this product. The item arrived very quickly and within a few days the soreness disappeared and over a couple of weeks the pain was gone ( only gets some pain when going to the loo but pain goes away extremely quickly ).You do have to use this product as recommended on the comprehensive information sheet that comes with the order. I recently travelled to South Africa and did not use the product for a few days and to pain returned then started to use anal care again pain disappeared. No problems with the product in the heat of 39C.

A truly good product that does what it say on the tube.

Well done for continuing to sell this item with all the hassle of getting it through approvals etc.

Many thanks


A.S February 21, 2015

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