*This is the most incredible cream ive ever tried. I bought the 2 X tubes and I haven’t even finished the 1st tube and already I have had incredible relief!I have had really severe haemorrhoids for over 6-7 years and been in agonising pain, a ton of blood etc. I had been to the doctors they diagnosed me with haemorrhoids and I tried creams from them and over the counter creams. I had just about given up and I learned to just live with the pain even though it was so painful. Worst pain I have ever experienced I think.I came across analcare from a forum. A guy was telling someone about it and I decided to check it out and thought what have I got to lose….first few days I noticed no difference and was starting to think oh well. Typical.. But I gave it longer and WOW!! My haemorrhoids have shrunk and are at the moment competent painless!! I can’t believe it. I haven’t even finished the 1st tube either and already nearly cured. I just hope it stays away but it not I know where to go! :). After over 6 years or pure pain I now have relief thanks to Lisa and Analcare. To anybody who is suffering similar to me please try it. I know first hand how bad they can be. There was times I bled so much with them I was shocked and thought I was going to have to visit the ER or something.So I know their scary.Butnow.No pain. No blood :D. Truly incredible cream and can’t rate this high enough no other cream has worked for me, Just think if I never stumbled across this site. So yeah if you suffer anal fissures or haemorrhoids or other problems. Then try this and don’t be disheartened if u don’t see results after a few days or a week. Keep going! I did and I’m so glad I did and that I found this product in the first place. Thank you so much Lisa !

Anne March 8, 2016

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