*I have been suffering with piles for just over a year, I tried all the usual (anusol, prep h etc) and the steroid cream from my docs, but nothing seemed to work. I read about analcare online and thought I would give it a go, never expected it to do much as I tried loads of remedies to no avail! The first week of use I felt a little relief and thought this is as good as its going to get! The second week it felt even better (wow). The end of the third week the soreness and itching has gone, even had a few days where my piles weren’t always on my mind. Analcare is part of my daily routine now. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering down there! The price is great too, 2 tubes for a tenner! and you only need a tiny bit on the tip of your finger. Thankyou for this product you are a lifesaver.

Ivan August 22, 2015

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