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*OMG..........!! One of the best purchases i have ever made...... Honestly i just have to tell you what a difference this has made to me already! Ive been using it for 3 weeks and noticed straight away that it was improving things from the very first use! I was recently booked in for a consultation with a surgeon next month but im not too sure il even need it now!! I cannot believe it..... I keep going on and on at my friend to try this, he really must! I had a variety of issues going on with my area.... And all of those issues have improved majorlyyyyyyy.....!!!!! Its all shrunk down ridiculously fast. I am beyond happy. I could go on all day but..... Il leave it at that haha. Whoop whoop!!!!!!! One very happy lady xx

July 19, 2016

*I came with piles on Thursday I was in so much pain and starting bleeding as well. I called and ordered 2 analcare creams. They  arrived like the lady said on friday morning. Started putting in straight away by Sunday and pain and bleeding andd piles were gone. Im so grateful and thankful to Analcare. Ill be using it every day now just in case and drinking 2l of water. Give it a try you be amazed. Txx

July 2, 2016


*I have been suffering with piles for a couple of years now and had tried over the counter creams (market leaders and famous chemist own brand) they helped a bit but no where near as much as Analcare! This product has reduced the swelling, got rid of any itching and bleeding and in time I hope the piles will be gone. One other benefit, not medical but kind of nice anyway, is that if any of this cream gets on your undies, it washes off easily!!

Anne March 8, 2016


*This is the most incredible cream ive ever tried. I bought the 2 X tubes and I haven’t even finished the 1st tube and already I have had incredible relief!I have had really severe haemorrhoids for over 6-7 years and been in agonising pain, a ton of blood etc. I had been to the doctors they diagnosed me with haemorrhoids and I tried creams from them and over the counter creams. I had just about given up and I learned to just live with the pain even though it was so painful. Worst pain I have ever experienced I think.I came across analcare from a forum. A guy was telling someone about it and I decided to check it out and thought what have I got to lose….first few days I noticed no difference and was starting to think oh well. Typical.. But I gave it longer and WOW!! My haemorrhoids have shrunk and are at the moment competent painless!! I can’t believe it. I haven’t even finished the 1st tube either and already nearly cured. I just hope it stays away but it not I know where to go! :). After over 6 years or pure pain I now have relief thanks to Lisa and Analcare. To anybody who is suffering similar to me please try it. I know first hand how bad they can be. There was times I bled so much with them I was shocked and thought I was going to have to visit the ER or something.So I know their scary.Butnow.No pain. No blood :D. Truly incredible cream and can’t rate this high enough no other cream has worked for me, Just think if I never stumbled across this site. So yeah if you suffer anal fissures or haemorrhoids or other problems. Then try this and don’t be disheartened if u don’t see results after a few days or a week. Keep going! I did and I’m so glad I did and that I found this product in the first place. Thank you so much Lisa !

Anne March 8, 2016


*Good cream, just got it tried and feel better even after first use.

Kika February 16, 2016


*I tried every product on the market and nothing could give me relief from the severe discomfort and pain i was feeling due to haemorrhoids. I tried analcare and instantly felt relief. I had severe pain for two months but after using analcare for only two weeks my haemorrhoids had completely gone. An amazing product, couldn’t recommend it more.

Mark January 23, 2016


*I have had piles since I was in my teens, and for years (decades!) survived on Nelson’s ointment, until about 3 years ago when I started having bleeding. I then, mercifully, found Analcare on the internet, and have had NO bleeding since I started using it. I still live with the condition, but now it is at least liveable with – no pain, no bleeding.


KS January 16, 2016

J. P.

*Received in less than 24 hours super service
thank you


Jack Perkins January 15, 2016

Linda Isiorho

*Thanks for restoring comfort to my nether regions. I cannot tell you what a relief your cream has given me. I am so grateful.


Linda Isiorho January 5, 2016


*I am just writing to say how pleased I am with this product, after suffering with heamoriods for five weeks I was at my wits end! I had tried all different creams from the pharmacy and also tried steroid treatment from my gp but to no avail. I came across this product after trying to get other people’s advice, this product arrived within 24 hrs which was fantastic and after only four days of use I have some relief!!! I am hoping that continuous use I will recover from this painful condition! I am a very happy customer and will recommend this product to my family and friends!

Julie October 26, 2015

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