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*This is the only product you need. I tried everything! Vinegar, diet, prayer and none of it worked. After using analcare even the fissure I’ve had for years has disappeared. It should be called the miracle anal care!!!! Love lovelove and am ever grateful for this formula.

C.M October 15, 2015


*I stumbled across the analcare website by accident, thank god I did! The cream arrived quickly and in discreet packaging. After trying every pill and potion going to relieve my itch, I have finally found something that works. My symptoms haven’t disappeared, but are now much more manageable.

Laura September 22, 2015


*I have been suffering with piles for just over a year, I tried all the usual (anusol, prep h etc) and the steroid cream from my docs, but nothing seemed to work. I read about analcare online and thought I would give it a go, never expected it to do much as I tried loads of remedies to no avail! The first week of use I felt a little relief and thought this is as good as its going to get! The second week it felt even better (wow). The end of the third week the soreness and itching has gone, even had a few days where my piles weren’t always on my mind. Analcare is part of my daily routine now. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering down there! The price is great too, 2 tubes for a tenner! and you only need a tiny bit on the tip of your finger. Thankyou for this product you are a lifesaver.

Ivan August 22, 2015


*Good product, soothing and seems better than some others I have tried, but I have not been using it for long enough yet to get a proper idea.

Anonymous August 17, 2015


*Hi Lisa, I’ve just placed another order because your cream is absolutely wonderful and for once actually delivers on what it promises! I had been suffering from piles which had also begun bleeding and was honestly at my wit’s end thinking I was going to have to finally go to the doctor. As you know it’s not something about which it’s terribly comfortable to talk and even my nearest and dearest don’t know. Your cream has made such a huge difference and the fact that it’s so reasonably priced AND natural makes it, in my eyes, pretty much perfect. Thanks again.

A.I July 28, 2015


*This stuff is amazing, I have searched for years for something to relieve intermittent piles and itching. This is the only stuff that really works. Happy days!!

Anonymous July 15, 2015


*After many years of suffering with an itchy, tender and sore bum following an op to remove an
Anal fissure I skeptically decided to give your cream a try, more out of desperation than anything
else. At the end of my tether and having tried every pile cream and ointment under the sun, (including some prescription ones with the steroid hydrocortisone) I have to say they we’re all absolutely useless for me and if anything made my problem significantly worse. When I applied analcare internally (which was where my intense itching appeared to be) the Cooling, soothing relief was instant!!!! After a couple of weeks usage I feel so so much better, and cannot thank you enough for your wonderful miraculous product which I would recommend to anyone reading this!! There is nothing worse than an itchy bum and anyone who has ever suffered from it will know how exasperating, depressing, soul destroying, stressful and embarrassing their problem is, and no one wants to talk about it. At more than one stage I even thought about taking my own life, out of utter despair, because I could not find a solution to my problem. So all I can say without any exaggeration is thank you for saving my life, I would never be without your wonderful product and will ensure I always have a supply of it in case my problem flares up again!

Kevin June 25, 2015


*I cannot fault this product. It does the job for me ,,no problem

Ricardo June 10, 2015


*bought this cream after reading reviews.everythig
that has been said is true.this cream is amazing
cant reccomend enough

J.R April 15, 2015


*Lisa thank you so much for your wonderful product ANALCARE cream like many of your. clients I was desperate and had tried so many products to no avail! I was becoming really low in mood and then saw your website I was still sceptical ,however this soon turned to joy after one application I was back reordering! It is a joy to speak with you I can’t thank you enough for the product and service V

V April 2, 2015

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