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*After many years of suffering with an itchy, tender and sore bum following an op to remove an
Anal fissure I skeptically decided to give your cream a try, more out of desperation than anything
else. At the end of my tether and having tried every pile cream and ointment under the sun, (including some prescription ones with the steroid hydrocortisone) I have to say they we’re all absolutely useless for me and if anything made my problem significantly worse. When I applied analcare internally (which was where my intense itching appeared to be) the Cooling, soothing relief was instant!!!! After a couple of weeks usage I feel so so much better, and cannot thank you enough for your wonderful miraculous product which I would recommend to anyone reading this!! There is nothing worse than an itchy bum and anyone who has ever suffered from it will know how exasperating, depressing, soul destroying, stressful and embarrassing their problem is, and no one wants to talk about it. At more than one stage I even thought about taking my own life, out of utter despair, because I could not find a solution to my problem. So all I can say without any exaggeration is thank you for saving my life, I would never be without your wonderful product and will ensure I always have a supply of it in case my problem flares up again!

Kevin June 25, 2015


*I cannot fault this product. It does the job for me ,,no problem

Ricardo June 10, 2015


*bought this cream after reading reviews.everythig
that has been said is true.this cream is amazing
cant reccomend enough

J.R April 15, 2015


*Lisa thank you so much for your wonderful product ANALCARE cream like many of your. clients I was desperate and had tried so many products to no avail! I was becoming really low in mood and then saw your website I was still sceptical ,however this soon turned to joy after one application I was back reordering! It is a joy to speak with you I can’t thank you enough for the product and service V

V April 2, 2015


*Extremely good. I will definitely recommend to all of you. Give it a go.

K March 9, 2015


*Thank God for your wonderful product! Don’t suffer on a regular basis but every now and again i am hit by a whammy!! Flare up occurred, absolute agony felt sick with the pain! searched high and low for my trusty bottle of oil! to my horror it wasn’t there!! No this couldn’t be right!! searched three times over!! it was gone arrgh! noooo! my world imploded!! quick as a flash to the computer to find that oil!! Arrgh only cream available! oh no! not sure i can take much more!! order it any way!!other testimonials look good!
Arrived Saturday morning!! Even better! What a relief!! Just ordered 2 more! Amazing product. My son has to a project at school for people that changed the world!! I am considering to tell him to do you! Thank you sooo much xx

SJ March 7, 2015


*Dear Lisa,
I’m pleased to tell you that the Analcare has worked wonderfully. I applied it once and actually forgot that I had a problem for three/four days. I can’t believe how much better it is than the more well known brand that I have been using but without much success. I really do feel so much more comfortable than I have for ages, so a big THANK YOU. I will not hesitate to recommend this amazing product to anyone who has similar problems.
Thanks again.

R.D March 5, 2015


*I have suffered from a serve pain in my anal area for many years prior to hemeroids operations and after. and having used a major nhs prescription item this did not offer any relief to the pain.

After another operation and investigation the situation remained unresolved and then visited my GP who said try this to relieve the pain after several week the pain was not reduced. I did an internet search and found anal care and was slight concerned that it may not work but having read the reviews and the pain levels were severe I had nothing to lose but to try this product. The item arrived very quickly and within a few days the soreness disappeared and over a couple of weeks the pain was gone ( only gets some pain when going to the loo but pain goes away extremely quickly ).You do have to use this product as recommended on the comprehensive information sheet that comes with the order. I recently travelled to South Africa and did not use the product for a few days and to pain returned then started to use anal care again pain disappeared. No problems with the product in the heat of 39C.

A truly good product that does what it say on the tube.

Well done for continuing to sell this item with all the hassle of getting it through approvals etc.

Many thanks


A.S February 21, 2015


*After suffering with piles for years and trying all the cream’s on the market, I was about to have surgery and have them removed, but then saw analcare advertised so thought I would give it a go.and within a week they had shrunk back, no soreness or bleeding, now it is nearly a month later and no problems.

GG February 6, 2015


*I have tried so many over the counter creams for piles as I seem to be very susceptible to them. When I read the testimonials for Analcare, I thought, what have a got to lose?! I can say hand on heart that needing to go to the loo doesn’t fill me with dread anymore. The cream has really helped. Also, I’d just like to say how efficient the delivery of the cream was – next day. Fantastic. Thank you sooooo much for developing and sharing this fantastic cream

R.B January 27, 2015

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