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violet sheridan

*after my husband using different prescribed creams
that did,nt work I suggested he should give
Analcare a try now he swears by it

violet sheridan July 25, 2014

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*I have been suffering from piles for a few years now and have regularly used Anusol. I always found it a bit coarse but it did relieve a bit and I accepted this as normal. I decided to try Analcare
as a change and was happier from the first day. It shrunk the piles within a week and after two weeks I stopped using it and they haven’t come back. I will always have a spare tube of this cream. I contacted Lisa on purchasing and she could not have been more helpful and her husband Mark is very informative . I would recommend Analcare without hesitation.

Mick June 24, 2014

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*Cant believe after (on this occasion)6 months of pure hell trying all different potions and lotions that GP prescribed – found this site and ordered a tube. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I thought – tried everything else so what’s the harm. Can honestly say its the best thing I’ve done. Soon as I started using it the symptoms started clearing up. I have now been clear for four weeks (still use the cream however on a daily basis) Why do GPs not recommend this stuff – and all natural – no harm. Give it a go – if you are or have suffered what you got to lose. Thanks Anal care. RELIEF ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

James June 9, 2014

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*Its given me so much relief Im so glad I found this product ….thank you Unique Natural Products

Eileen May 19, 2014

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*Have found Analcare very effective after only a few days.Would highly recommend.

Mike May 15, 2014

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*I bought two tubes of analcare cream after reading the testimonials. After applying it, I found it soothing and calming and because it is a natural product, it can be applied as often as you like. Highly recommended.

Chris May 14, 2014

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*I just received my shipment and tried it first thing this morning. I felt IMMEDIATE relief from the itching and burning!!! OMG!!! I’m THRILLED!!
Thank you for this product!!!!

Linda April 28, 2014

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*I just recently got prutitus and I was very very sore, I couldnt even sit down,, I went to the doctor’s who gave me cream which contains steroids but that didnt work, I did some research and came a cross AnalCare I read the testamonials and so I plucked up courage and called Lisa who was very helpful, I ordered it and it arrived the next day , I couldntwaite to try it , and I was amazed how quickly it worked. I use it frequently during the day at work and one more tip do try and either use a bidet or shower and dry the anal with a hairdryer , now a week later I am nearly better abd I ordered another so I dont get caught out again.Thank you ..

Sue April 16, 2014

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*Tried everything nothing has worked like this product. I am so pleased that I took initiative to buy it. Thanks so much

Bill April 3, 2014

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Mrs P

*After pregnancy I have suffered terribly with piles for the past two months. I tried everything but nothing works aswell as Analcare cream as its much better than anything a doctor can recommend and very gentle so no side affects as I got an allergic reaction to even home made remedies but nothing with this cream as im highly sensitive. Highly recommended as the cream is just as fantastic as the founder who was lovely when enquiring about this cream. Im not sure whether time was the greatest healer or this cream but I would not do without it as its the best cream to relieve the dreaded itch. And my piles are nearly gone!! You will not be disappointed!! Along with this cream if you drink 6 glasses of water a day keeps the piles as bay! A very happy customer.

Mrs P April 2, 2014

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