The Power of Beeswax to Soothe Anal Itching

One of the main ingredients in our analcare cream is beeswax, a tremendously versatile natural product that has been used for thousands of years for daily and medicinal purposes. We use it because it has great antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help keep your anal area clean and provides a protective barrier to prevent further irritation.

How bees are fighting anal itching

When people mention bee products we normally think of honey but beeswax has played an equally important role over the years, including in medical products and making our everyday lives easier.

Female worker honey bees have glands under their abdomens that secrete the wax which is used to make the honey combs we all recognise.

In ancient times, we used beeswax to make the moulds for statues and jewellery and also as a constituent of paint for art work.  The aborigines used it to create mouth pieces for their didgeridoos, soldiers used it in bow making, and it was also an ancient form of dental filling.

Later uses included sealing wax for important documents and in planting crops to help graft one plant onto another. Carpenters used it to coat nails and varnish wood and nowadays it is a constituent of many products including candles and furniture polish. Early gun makers used it to lubricate bullets and seamstresses kept it to strengthen their threads.

The medical benefits of beeswax have been known almost as long as their potential for use in everyday life.

  • It has been found in lip balms, moisturisers and pain salves through the ages.
  • In Roman times it was a skin softener and aided wound healing.
  • Its non-allergenic properties help it act as a protector for the skin.
  • It has also been widely used to help slow down the dispersal of topical medical treatments.
  • Research today is looking at how beeswax can help lower cholesterol, reduce pain and treat digestive problems.
  • The cosmetic industry uses beeswax because it is non-toxic and has a wide range of applications.

How beeswax works on your itchy anus

There are many reasons why we use this natural product in our analcare soothing cream.

First of all, it creates a protective barrier against the outside world which holds in moisture and prevents things drying out. Secondly, there are the antibacterial properties that keep the skin clean and prevent infection. It also has great anti-inflammatory properties, has long been known to promote wound healing, and is a good source of Vitamin A which helps support cell growth.

The fact that it is still found in practically every aspect of society is a testament to the efficacy and enduring appeal of this natural product. From shoe polish to surgical bone wax, the uses are many and varied.

Because of its many properties it makes an excellent soothing cream to combat your anal itching which is why we use it in our analcare cream.

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