The Summer Heat that Causes Anal Itching

According to the experts, it’s been one of the best summers in a long time with prolonged periods of sunshine and temperatures reaching into the 30s. Across the nation we’ve been searching the bedroom draws for shorts and summer dresses, pulling out the barbecue, and struggling with the odd deck chair here and there.

But for those people who suffer from anal itching, the summer heatwave is less of a welcome break from the rain of last year, and a sure recipe for discomfort and embarrassment. But help is at hand. Soothing tubes of anal cream are being opened all over the country, bringing untold levels of blissful relief.

For those who love the sun, here are Analcare’s top tips for keeping cool and surviving the heat wave:

Stay indoors. Houses tend to be a lot cooler than the outside world, especially when those temperatures are soaring. If you suffer from the heat, then stay indoors when the sun is at its height and save your forays for the mornings or evenings.

If you run a busy office, how about getting rid of those suits and ties and wearing something a lot cooler and more comfortable. Dressing down a little during the hot weather helps everyone feel a lot better particularly if they are working hard to reach a deadline.

Buy a fan or portable air conditioner. A cooling breeze helps sweat evaporate and keeps you on an even keel. Open the windows in the car and your home and get that fresh air in. A cooling breeze raises your energy levels and clears the mind.

Getting hot and sweaty can cause numerous problems, including anal itching. If you suffer from that, then try a cooling shower, dry yourself properly and put on some soothing cream from Analcare. The beeswax ingredient in our natural cream helps keep that vital area dry and clean, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the day.

Drink plenty of water and try to avoid sugary drinks or salty foods that are likely to increase you level of thirst. Staying hydrated helps keep us balanced during the day. If you have elderly relatives it is sensible to check on them to make sure they are drinking enough and not suffering unduly from the heat.

If you are out in the hot weather make sure you use sun screen to protect yourself, wear a hat if you are out for a long period and also protect your eyes with sunglasses. It’s recently been shown by research that bright sunlight can have a detrimental effect on our vision too, not just our skin cells.

Watch what you drink and eat. It’s strange how the sun can change the way we behave. Yes, it’s nice to have a few cold beers out in the back garden, but make sure you don’t overdo it, especially if you are a long term sufferer of anal itches. Likewise, if you are having a barbecue, make sure that food is cooked properly and not left out in the sun for too long.

There’s no doubt that a glorious summer can give all of us a big lift but it doesn’t come without its problems and just taking a few precautions can help keep you safe.

At Analcare, we hope you enjoy the hot weather.

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