Hi to all of our customers.

That time of the year has arrived for Lisa and me to take our annual holidays. We have been working hard during the last year manufacturing and fulfilling your orders and are ready for a holiday. We are a husband and wife business with no other help from anyone else. This means we are unable to keep the business open when we go on a break. Unlike large multi-employer businesses, we can not just hand over the reins to our staff as we don’t have any! To train staff to cover our holidays is unpractical and to be honest very difficult to do. We understand that this might be an inconvenience to some customers but we really hope you will understand.

The last date to place an order and have it dispatched in time before we go is 2pm Friday 17th of September. Any orders received after this date and time will not be processed and despatched until Monday 11th of October.

Kindest regards
Mark and Lisa

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