Why We Use Calendula and Grape Seed in our AnalCare Cream

Anal itching can be one of the most embarrassing and difficult problems to deal with, particularly if it occurs on a regular basis. Fortunately there are many natural products that have been used for hundreds of years which can help ease that irritation.


Calendula or Pot Marigold is one of the key ingredients in our analcare cream and we thought you’d like to know a little more about it. First of all, we like to use natural products and this species of marigold has some very interesting properties.

It has been used for centuries for lots of things. The Romans and Greeks incorporated it into many of their rituals and ceremonies and it has long been harvested to decorate statues in Hindu temples. It has also been used in food preparation, hence its other name Pot Marigold. The Germans put it in stews and soups and it is popular in many Mediterranean and Asian dishes.

But it is the pharmaceutical affects that have often been more important to man. Calendula oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used since ancient times to treat wounds.  Perhaps the most famous was during the American Civil War where it was widely used to treat wounds because of its anti-haemorrhagic and antiseptic properties. Ingesting the flower was also thought to help cure various ailments of the digestive tract.

A calendula salve is very good at treating minor irritations such as nappy rash and chapped lips and has no side effects, which is why it is popular in many natural remedies like analcare cream.

Grape Seed Extract

Another ingredient of our soothing analcare cream is grape seed extract. It’s a fairly new kid on the block having been first documented by physicist Dr Jacob Harich after he found it was utilised as a traditional disinfectant in a number of countries. Societies in South America, Europe and Asia have long used it to clean skin, hair and even their homes.

Did you know that a spray containing grape seed extract is great for getting rid of bugs in the garden? Or that it can help remove fungus and mould? Or that it’s a pet friendly way to treat fleas?

It also has a number of other effects that make it an ideal ingredient for our analcare cream.

It is a powerful natural antiseptic with anti-viral and anti-fungal properties and also promotes wound healing. In fact, it has a number of other possible healing properties that are currently being investigated by the scientific community including lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease.

Of course, we use it in our analcare cream simply because it provides a soothing solution to those nasty cases of anal itching. Its antioxidant properties help repair damaged skin and produce new cells whilst the antiseptic properties keep the area around your anus nice and clean.

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