Will Anal Itching Spoil Christmas Day?

Christmas is time of joy and good will to all but it could also be the catalyst that exacerbates that ever present anal itch. There’s nothing worse than when you are settling down for Christmas dinner and you have to keep shifting your position because things are starting to become uncomfortable. If you suffer from periodic itching down there and want to avoid a reoccurrence this Yuletide season, then here at Analcare we have some quick tips for a better and healthier time.

Don’t be too sedentary

Whilst it may be the thing to do, veg’ing out on the couch watching Toy Story 2 can be bad for your circulation and digestion. Just fifteen minutes of exercise before the day commences could make the difference, getting your blood flowing and giving your body a chance to prepare for the day’s festivities. If you have kids staying then a little play time can help pep you up and stop you reaching for the Christmas sherry or that extra pork pie.

Our tip for Christmas Day: Don’t spend too much time sitting around and find things to keep you active.

Don’t over-indulge

The problem with Christmas is there are so many goodies on offer that it can often be too tempting to resist, picking on those nuts and chocolates, over eating at the festive table, and eating all the puddings afterwards. And that doesn’t even take into account the drink and the sudden desire for a late night turkey sandwich just to finish off the day.

All this means that your system is being bombarded with everything nice in the world but most of which, in excessive quantities, is generally bad for you. If you suffer from something like recurrent anal itching then the chances are it will cause you a few problems, if not on the day, then some time afterwards.

Our tip for Christmas Day: Pick a few treats but don’t feel you have to eat everything on the table and make sure you moderate your alcohol intake.

Be stress free

People don’t generally associate it with stress but the Yuletide period can play havoc with your karma. If you have family members coming over then you may be rushing around trying to get everything ready. Then there’s all that shopping you have to do, pushing through the crowds of people who, like you, wonder where so many people have suddenly come from. On the big day, there are kids who don’t like their presents, grandparents who don’t know where they are, a fight over which Christmas film to watch, and then Uncle Geoff decides to have an accident in your favourite arm chair. Christmas can all add up on the stress-o-meter and if you suffer from something like an itching anus it can feel ten times worse.

Our top tip for a stress free Christmas: Have a quiet room where you can go and sit in peace if things get hectic.

Our final tip for Christmas if you do suffer from that regular anal itch is to keep some analcare cream close by. A soothing application may well save your day and make things go with a wistful swing.

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